Personal development and financial growth one conversation at a time.

On my Podcast, I talk to authors, subject matter experts and millionaire mentors to understand how successful people approach their personal growth, Get Sh!t Done and become financially free. Whether it’s habits, money or mindset, I want to learn from the experts and share it with you.

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Self improvement at its finest!!
If you are seeking a resource to level up your personal, professional, and financial game, this podcast is for you. Clint does an amazing job interacting with his guests to find the golden nuggets of information that are important for everyone to know. He keeps it light, engaging, and fun through the podcast with good flow, amazing insights, and he makes sure to stop and highlight A-HA moments as they arise. I am excited to listen to the current and future episodes to continue on my self-improvement journey and see the many different perspectives of life. Thank you, Clint! #bettertogether.

Nelson So

So much to learn from about life, culture, financial literacy and more! Such a good podcast about different and valuable topics. Make sure to subscribe! You won't regret it!


Learning Pursued Successfully
Clint is a master conversationalist. His guests are amazing in their own right, and the way he probes and gets them thinking and discussing at even deeper levels make this a wonderful podcast. Highly recommend.

M A McConnell

Start Your Journey
Education is a journey. Because when you go on a journey, you have to be an active participant. You have to decide where to go and when; you have to put effort in to get there once the destination has been determined. So I like the premise of this podcast. Learning is a pursuit. It's an adventure. And this show encapsulates that well.

Potato Lady Bex

Great discussions with tons of value!
If you want to learn something and hear dynamic conversations, you’ve come to the right place. Give this a listen if you haven’t and you’ll learn!


Want to Take It To The Next Level?

You can work with me one-on-one to advance your personal development and growth. It’s never too late to build the life you want. In fact, it’s pretty darn simple.
  • Know What You Want
  • Understand What It Takes
  • Do The Work. Day In. Day Out

Whether you’re an aspiring C-suite executive, have your hopes set on early retirement, or need to find the inner motivation to tackle the New York marathon, these three steps will get you there.

Through free resources, online courses, virtual classrooms or 1:1 coaching, you can overcome the self-doubt and mental blocks that are keeping you stagnant.


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