Finding Balance and Authenticity in Work and Family

with Yael Schonbrun

About the Episode

Today’s guest is Yael Schonbrun, a clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, co-host of the Psychologists Off the Clock podcast, author and a parent of three.. In her research, private practice, writing, and podcasting, Yael uses science and Eastern philosophy to explore practices proven to foster healthier relationships between partners, parents and children, and between our most important life roles. Yael’s writing on work, parenting, and relationships has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Greater Good Science Center, Behavioral Scientist, Tricycle, among others.

She joined us today to talk about her book, ‘Work, Parent, Thrive: 12 Science-Backed Strategies to Ditch Guilt, Manage Overwhelm, and Grow Connection.’

Yael shares insights on how to navigate the challenges of being a working parent and finding balance in multiple roles. We dive into the concept of benign neglect, the power of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and the benefits of having multiple roles in life.

Yael offers practical strategies for managing emotions, clarifying values, and making choices that align with our true priorities. Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tools for personal and professional growth in this thought-provoking conversation.

Topics Discussed

Diverse roles [6.39]
Starting the conversation, we dive into how various roles in your life can help one another in certain situations of life.
Expectations [14.50]
We talk about how your expectations as parents can put tremendous pressure on your children.
CBT vs. ACT [21.00]
Yael explains one of the main differences between CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).
Values [35.06]
We talk about the importance of prioritizing your values, which are dedicated to different roles in your life.
Doing right & hard things [51.51]
How we can attach labels that can help us to serve and push us in ways that matter.
Childcare [1.03.01]
We dive into the importance of high-quality childcare, especially with our family members like grandparents.
Benign neglect [1.07.00]
How benign neglect can lead children to make choices on their own, learn from their mistakes, and grow into healthy adults.

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