Hi, I’m Clint

A fiercely motivated lifelong learner and executive coach who believes you can get everything you want out of life.

I help you do things
normal people don’t.

I’m committed to your growth. Whether it’s personal or financial, I want to see you win.

For as long as I can remember, I was driven by learning and competition. As a kid, I read non-stop and competed in almost every sport with a goal to be better — Every Single Day.

Something I wasn’t good at, though, was school. Even when I started dating one of the brightest students in our high school senior year — this woman would become my wife and the mother of my two sons — I still wasn’t motivated to get good grades.

That all changed when I got to College. Something clicked and I started to perform at a high level while studying Psychology and English.

Somewhere, I made a hard pivot to accounting when my wife suggested I needed to do something that would get me a job. I graduated from Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a BBA in accounting. I also received my CPA designation. As an accountant, I worked for KPMG, a Big Four accounting firm. To many, this would be considered success, and could be the end of the story. Nope!

My career would change again, and again, and again, and yours can too.
If your current career is holding you back from success, then it’s time to upgrade. I’m doing it, and so can you.

If you can’t tell, I push myself. I push myself in every area of my life and never plan to stop.

Each day, I go to bed better than when I woke up.

On this journey, I’ve picked up some things. Tactics, mindsets, hacks and more have helped me get where I am today: happy, inspired, disciplined, motivated and accomplished. But most importantly: Not. Done. Yet.

It’s my goal to help as many people as I can find the joy in life, success, achievement and personal competition to lead a happier, and more fulfilled life.

Ready to upgrade your life?


Which brings me to you.

I’m here to help you Grow.

To show you what you’re capable of and how you can achieve the life of your dreams.

Whether it’s our free content, online courses, virtual classrooms or executive coaching — we want to make a difference in your life.

I am here to help you be better, achieve more and become financially free.

Before you work with me, though, you should
understand how I work:
  • Own Your Sh!t

    It all starts here.

    This is Rule #1 for a reason.

    Radical responsibility for your own life.

    I work with people who recognize life happens for them, not to them.

  • Be Better

    You are here because you want to be better.

    Every person is perfect as they are, and they can be better.

    People who aren’t afraid to do what it takes to learn, grow and achieve.

    I work with people who want to go to bed every night better than when they woke up.

  • Fix Your Thinking

    You are what you think.

    Your thinking is flawed, and I’m here to help you fix it.

    I work with people who want to dig deep into their conscious and unconscious wiring.

    People who recognize that how and what they think is more important than simple productivity hacks.

  • Do the Work

    Nobody is going to hand you a check.

    I can motivate you, but I can’t do the work for you.

    I work with people who show up. Day-in. Day-out. And do what it takes to win.

    People who know what it means to have a blue-collar work ethic in a white-collar role.

  • Be Kind

    No assholes allowed on our Team.

    Being nice is easy. Being kind takes a lot of work.

    I work with people who make everyone around them better.

    People who know others don’t need to lose for them to win in life.

    People who want to leave this planet better than when they got here.

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