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    Learn the mindsets, habits, and tools to accelerate your financial freedom

    Don’t trust yourself with your wallet? Learn how to reach financial independence and freedom, and retire early—or just learn how to make a budget, save for retirement and become fiscally responsible. Whatever your financial goals, I have the expertise, experience and advice for you.

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  • Beyond the Numbers

    Corporate Finance for Owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

    Don’t know how to decode your finances? Learn how to understand the numbers and make smart, strategic business decisions. I’ll help you catch up to the world of finance by teaching you a new set of financial tools, rules, terms, and customs to get you ahead.

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  • Get Sh!t Done

    How to Build Your Get Sh!t Done Muscle

    Don’t know where to start? When it comes down to it, achieving what you want is a simple formula. First, you need to know what you want. Next, you need to understand what it takes. And finally, you need to do the work. Day in. Day out. I’ll help you clarify your goals, and make them a reality.

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  • Build Your Brand

    From Zero to 100k: We'll Get You There

    Don’t get enough likes, follows, or leads? Building an online presence is all about the secret sauce. It’s not a toss-up, it’s not about luck, it’s being clear about what you want and doing the work, like anything else! Use my tried and true methods to expand your brand, get the following you want and spread your message to more people!

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It was November 2021 when Clint's words and wisdom helped me jump beyond my self-doubt and truly take the plunge and leave my 9-5. Ihad done the work—I just couldn't shake the self-doubt. Clint is one of the ‘surround yourself with the right people’ that I am lucky to have had the privilege of working with.
—Tom Brickman, The Frugal Gay, 2022 Plutus Award Winner, Hit FI/RE @ 39 and never looking back
Clint told me he’d be doing a running streak every day for a year. That's crazy, I thought, you’ve got to be realistic with your life and your goals. But, I didn't feel like discouraging him, and lo and behold, it was the beginning of a 500-day running streak. When you set goals like that in life, it's not about running, it has everything to do with taking responsibility for your own life.

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