Got big dreams but can’t get off the couch?

I’ll teach you the mindsets and habits you need to Get Sh!t Done.

Transforming your life starts with learning to Get Sh!t Done. With the right habits, routines and mindsets, you can achieve all of your goals. I mean all of them.

  • Build Routines
  • Master Discipline
  • Start New Projects
  • Get Unstuck In Life
  • Explore New Habits
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Realize Your Dreams
  • Improve Your Finances
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Overcome Negative Self-Talk

From Dreamer To Doer

Most of us don’t make changes in our lives because we feel like we aren’t ready. The truth is: You’ll never feel ready. It can take a lifetime to feel prepared for the unknown. To achieve your goals and see your dreams come true, you need to go for it even when you don’t feel like it.

The Dreamer

As a dreamer, you’re full of ideas for the life of your dreams, but something holds you back from getting started. Maybe it’s perfectionism, a fear of failure or a lack of knowledge of where to begin.

  • Busy
  • Stuck
  • Stressed
  • Scattered
  • Distracted
  • Unproductive
  • Fixed
  • Scarcity

Research shows 92 percent of people don’t achieve their goals. Only 20% of people even set goals. Setting goals and achieving them is within your power. As someone who made the transition from a chronic underachiever to a self-growth fanatic, I can show you how.

The Doer

As a doer, you get what you want out of life. You watch as your dreams become reality through scientifically proven tactics to boost productivity, believe in yourself and set up routines that help you succeed.

  • Abundant
  • Peaceful
  • Inspired
  • Productive
  • Focused
  • Driven
  • Relaxed
  • Growth
Bottom line: As a Doer, you Get Sh!t Done

Personal and professional success looks different to everyone. But when you’re a doer, you know exactly what your goals are and how to make them a reality—and then you Do It.

My Life Coaching Approach 

My approach to life coaching is bottom-up. To understand what you need to reach your goals, we need to deep dive into your values, purpose, roadblocks and mindset. 

Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, you will forever be led by it and call it fate.” Fuck That. Let’s bring your unconscious roadblocks to the surface, let that Sh!t go, and rewire you to win.

  • Build Your Roadmap

    Find clarity on your dreams, and your path to reach them, by designing a personal roadmap from where you are to where you want to go.

  • Overcome Your Roadblocks

    From negative self-talk to limiting beliefs on what you’re capable of, we’ll unpack everything in your head that’s holding you back. I’m going to provide you with a toolkit to tell that voice in your head that says you aren’t good enough to Fuck Off.

  • Rewire Yourself to Win

    Through mindset shifts, daily habits and proven techniques to build confidence and self-esteem, you’ll discover what you’re capable of.

  • Build Your Get Sh!t Done Muscle

    Being productive and achieving goals takes practice and consistency. It’s just like a muscle. I’ll help you design routines that grow your Get Sh!t Done muscle.

  • Make an Action Plan

    Let’s get specific. We’ll lay out everything you’ll need to do to succeed—skipping no details! You’ll know exactly how to move forward.

  • Build Your Habits

    I’ll help you build daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly habits to reach your dreams. I’ll provide you with tips, tricks, routines and recommendations to do the work. Day in, day out.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Clint. I’m a lifelong learner and coach who believes you can get everything you want out of life.

Want Proof? Here’s what I’ve achieved in the last 14 years:

  • Be a CFO
  • Write a novel
  • Launch a podcast
  • Finish an Ironman
  • Run an ultra marathon
  • Read 50+ books per year
  • Become a multi-millionaire
  • Grow a 250,000+ social media following
  • Build a 10+ million dollar real estate portfolio


What People Are Saying

I’m extremely indebted to Clint. He provided priceless knowledge, insight and the accountability I needed to Get moving. He showed me in real time through his own efforts and outcomes what’s possible rather than theoretical or philosophical unproven ideas. I’ve accomplished more in the past year with Clint than the previous ten years combined.
—Cristian Mandella, PMP , Coaching Client; Engineering Manager (Process Systems)
Clint told me he’d be doing a running streak every day for a year. That's crazy, I thought, you’ve got to be realistic with your life and your goals. But, I didn't feel like discouraging him, and lo and behold, it was the beginning of a 500-day running streak. When you set goals like that in life, it's not about running, it has everything to do with taking responsibility for your own life.
—Volodya Gusak , Episode 50 - The Growth Guide

Ready For Life Coaching?

I’d love to help you Get Sh!t Done.


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