I help people grow financially

I can take you from thinking small to being financially free and living the life of your dreams

Our society has it backwards. We’re taught to work hard for 45+ years, and then maybe, just maybe, if we’ve worked hard, sacrificed and saved, we can relax and have some fun in retirement. Fuck that.

I’ll help you build financial independence and freedom so you can live the life of your dreams now, not in 10 years and 100% not in 45.

  • Retire Early
  • Create Financial Security
  • Start Investing
  • Reach Financial Freedom
  • Budget Smarter
  • Smart Money Management
  • Pay Off Debt Fast
  • Become Fiscally Responsible
  • Save for Emergencies
  • Reach Your Personal Finance Goals

A Proven Path to Never Worry About Money Again

  • Work Less and Make More

    The average American has fewer days off than a medieval peasant. Read that one again. Our modern culture thrives on the grind. And for what? So you can help a few people up top get rich, while you never have time to see your kids?

    Truth: You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness to grow financially. Smart, simple life and mindset shifts can take you from financially stressed to financially free.

    Work with me, and we’ll follow the habits of millionaires who’ve successfully built wealth and financial freedom, without sacrificing the joys of life.

  • Become Financially Literate

    Registered accounts, dividends, index funds and real estate —We can all use a refresher or two on financial literacy. When we work together, you’ll get up to speed on everything you need to know to make smart, educated financial decisions.

  • Rewire Your Money Mindset

    The way we think about money has a huge impact on the way we spend, save, and build wealth. We’ll work together to rewire your money mindset, set you up for abundance, and help you believe in your ability to grow financially.

  • Build Millionaire Habits

    Knowing how to set yourself up for wealth and success is simple: copy the millionaires. Through expert-led coaching, you’ll build your own millionaire habits and mindset to create the financial life of your dreams.

  • Get The Tools You Need

    You’ll gain access to resources that can help you get organized. Monitor your money coming in and out, visualize your net worth, and keep track of your investments with tracking software.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Clint and money has been something I’ve been learning about my whole adult life.

I grew up in a lower middle class family without money and wasn’t taught about:

  • budgets
  • credit cards
  • net worth statements
  • real estate or investments

We were taught the value of hard work, reading and learning and with that, I became a first generation college graduate.

After a 12 year career as an accountant, I was a Director of Finance earning a good salary, but I still wasn’t smart with my own money, which changed when I lost my job and put my family at risk.

Failure was the wakeup call for me to realize I needed to change my money ways!

Like everything I do, I dove deep into the financial independence and early retirement movement (FIRE). I read everything I could find, started to write about it and implemented what I learned. Since then, I’ve:

  • Bought 10 properties
  • Increased my net worth 9x
  • Increased our savings rate >50%

You may not get where I am overnight, but you can be much further than you are, and I’m here to help you!

What People Are Saying

It was November 2021 when Clint's words and wisdom helped me jump beyond my self-doubt and truly take the plunge and leave my 9-5. I had done the work—I just couldn't shake the self-doubt. Clint is one of the ‘surround yourself with the right people’ that I am lucky to have had the privilege of working with.
—Tom Brickman , The Frugal Gay, 2022 Plutus Award Winner, Hit FI/RE @ 39 and never looking back
I’m extremely indebted to Clint. He provided priceless knowledge, insight and the accountability I needed to Get moving. He showed me in real time through his own efforts and outcomes what’s possible rather than theoretical or philosophical unproven ideas. I’ve accomplished more in the past year with Clint than the previous ten years combined.
—Cristian Mandella, PMP , Coaching Client; Engineering Manager (Process Systems)

Ready To Grow Financially?

I’d love to meet you.


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