Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier

with Kevin Kelly

About the Episode

Kevin Kelly is a senior maverick at Wired, an award-winning magazine he co-founded in 1993. He joined us today to talk about his book, Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier, a book of 450 modern proverbs for good living.

Kevin shares his wisdom and insights on a variety of topics, including the importance of taking sabbaticals to avoid burnout, the power of deliberate practice in expanding our response to stimuli, and the necessity of change in a fast-paced world. 

From hiring practices to the value of saying no politely, Kevin’s perspective is thought-provoking and actionable. So grab your headphones and get ready to embark on a journey of growth with Kevin Kelly on The Growth Guide.

Topics Discussed

Enthusiasm [05.58]
Enthusiasm is far more important than being smart.
Respect [14.42]
We talk about the reason we have to respect someone’s ideas even if we don’t like them.
Change [22.40]
You have to be careful about changing for the sake of change.
Resting [29.13]
Kevin explains the importance of resting and how it’s going to increase your productivity.
Asking questions [33.22]
Kevin explains how to ask questions of strangers that will get them interested in talking with you.
Polite but firm [36.02]
We talk about our right to say ‘no’ to something or someone and why we don’t owe a reason to do that.
How to do it [45.00]
Doing something and having it not work is how you're going to learn to make it work.
Time [56.04]
Time is the most precious thing in the world that cannot be bought with money.

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