What to Say to Get Your Way

with Jonah Berger

About the Episode

Join me and my guest, Jonah Berger, Wharton Professor, keynote speaker, consultant and best-selling author.  As a highly sought-after keynote speaker and consultant, Jonah has worked with major organizations like Apple, Google, Nike, and The Gates Foundation, helping them understand and leverage the power of words to drive impact.  

Jonah joins me today to discuss his book, Magic Words: What to Say to Get Your Way. In today’s episode, Join Jonah Berger as he unlocks the secrets of effective communication and embraces the magic words that can change your world.

In our conversation, we delve into the fascinating world of language and its transformative effects. We start by exploring captivating stories that highlight the magic of words. Jonah shares real-life examples and case studies demonstrating how specific language choices can shape perceptions, ignite curiosity, and leave a lasting impact.

Throughout the episode, we cover various key concepts from Jonah’s book, “Magic Words.” We discuss the art of storytelling and the Pratfall Effect, where vulnerability and imperfections enhance relatability and engagement. We also explore the power of uncertainty and emotion in creating captivating content that resonates with audiences.

Listen to gain  valuable insights on how to leverage language to increase impact, engage audiences, and tell more relatable and impactful stories. Join us on this episode of The Growth Guide to explore the world of language and its role in growth and connection.

Topics Discussed

The Magic Words [00.31]
Harnessing the Power of Language for Impactful Communication
The Magic of SPEACC [4.20]
Harnessing the Power of Language for Impactful Communication
Unleashing the Power of Emotion [7.12]
The Art of Storytelling and the Pratfall Effect
Captivating Audiences [12.43]
The Art of Storytelling and the Pratfall Effect
Unlocking Curiosity [16.45]
he Power of Open Loops in Engaging Online Content
Unlocking the Magic [23.04]
Mastering the Art of Asking the Right Question
Magic in Communication [24.42]
Cracking the Power of Words for Maximum Impact

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