Use Uncertainty to Become an Exceptional Leader

with Marc Pitman

About the Episode

Most of us believe that leadership is not for everyone. Also, very often, we doubt our ability to lead. My guest today challenges these perceptions about leadership through his most recent book. He demonstrates how to harness this doubt, uncertainty, and insecurity to develop into the extraordinary leader you were born to be. He has decades of experience leading organizations and teams. He is the CEO of Concord Leadership Group. His failures and successes compelled him to study leadership for over three decades, culminating in completing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and certification as a Franklin Covey Coach. Marc Pitman, a CEO, author, personal & organization leadership expert, coach certification provider, leadership keynote speaker, joins with today’s episode of pursuit of learning to share his million worth wisdom and experience on leadership.

Starting the conversation, he highlights the significance of focusing on our strengths rather than on what we lack. Also, he describes how his frustration with people not knowing about executive coaching ended up with his recent book – The Surprising Gift of Doubt: Use Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Are Meant to Be. Besides his recent publication, he is also the author of Ask Without Fear!, which you can find in several languages, including Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Marc assists leaders in leading their teams more effectively and with less stress by combining his ongoing education with his own experience. He is also the executive director of and a former member of Rogare’s Advisory Panel; a prestigious international think tank focused on fundraising. We discuss our own experiences with the evolution of leadership and the various forms of leadership during the chat. Throughout the interview, he brings up various topics from his works. Most importantly, he discusses the issue of using predefined templates in coaching rather than developing individualized ways to solve problems. Apart from that, Marc divides leadership into four quadrants and provides an in-depth explanation of each component in a mind-blowing manner.

In the latter part of the conversation, we talk about numerous personal assessments, their validity, and the takeaways. Marc’s knowledge and enthusiasm captivate audiences worldwide, both in person and through online presentations. As a result, he has garnered attention from various media outlets, including The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Real Simple, SUCCESS Magazine, NBC, Al Jazeera, and Fox News.

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