Unpacking Work, Happiness and Purpose

with Simone Stolzoff

About the Episode

Simone Stolzoff is an author, designer, and workplace expert. A former design lead at the global innovation firm IDEO. His work has been featured in The New York Times, the Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and more. He joined us today to talk about his debut book, ‘The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work.’

In this episode, Simone discusses the evolving nature of work, the pursuit of fulfillment, and the delicate balance between career and personal life. We talk about challenging the traditional narrative of the dream job to exploring the impact of excessive work hours and the centralization of work as a source of identity. Join us as we navigate the complex dynamics of work, success, and personal growth in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Topics Discussed

Calvinism [6.23]
Starting the conversation, Simone defines Calvinism and how it conspired with the trend of non-religious people around 30 years ago in the United States.
Economic vs. humanist [12.21]
We dive into the two arguments, economic and humanist, based on working hours
Work as meaning [20.00]
Work as meaning – We talk about the work as meaning movement back in the 1970s.
The cyle [28.43]
Simone talks about the work-life balance awareness of modern society and the importance of it.
The Good Enough Job [34.34]
When you are at work, do great work. When you are not working, leave it where it is.
The values [41.30]
You can easily lose who you are due to a sense of overachievement. Balance is important.
Reclaiming life [50.51]
Wrapping up today’s conversation, Simone shares who can use his book as a guide to have a healthy relationship with their work.

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