Unlock Your Potential Through Purposeful Adversity

with Brad Ritter

About the Episode

Enjoy this re-release of one my top listened to episodes with my guest, Brad Ritter.

Brad is one of the world’s leading experts on performance and author of the best selling book, ‘School of Grit: Unlock Your Potential Through Purposeful Adversity,’

Brad shares insights on the importance of embracing discomfort and pushing oneself out of the comfort zone to achieve personal growth and success. From discussing the significance of cold exposure to breaking down goals into manageable daily tasks, Brad’s journey and perspectives offer valuable lessons for anyone seeking to grow personally, professionally, and financially. Tune in as Brad elaborates on developing grit through experiencing purposeful adversity and shares practical strategies for mental toughness and emotional resilience.

Topics Discussed

The school of grit [03.08]
Starting the conversation, Brad shares the origin story of his book 'The school of grit.'
The crucible moment [13.04]
Brad shares his experience at Kokoro SEALFIT camp and his crucible moment.
Morning routine [21.42]
Morning routines are essential. Brad dives into how to take a little time to yourself in the morning and see what you gain from it. 
The big four [30.44]
The four elements of mental toughness; positive self-talk, visualizations, mental imagery, and goal setting.
Box breathing [33.50]
The box breathing process and how to do tactical breathing in stressful situations.
Visualization [39.20]
Brad explains the visualization and why it is crucial. 
The long walk [46.02]
Brad explains his favorite milestone challenge, ' The long walk.' 
Breath, think & execute [53.19]
Responding to situations by going through breath, think, and execute.
The IDEAL day [01.05.10]
Brad breaks down what the acronym IDEAL stands for.
Comfortable being uncomfortable [01.14.22]
How growth happens when people put themselves into uncomfortable situations
Accepting failures [01.24.30]
The need to accept failures in life to succeed.

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