Understanding How to be Comfortable In Your Own Body

with Brent Stevenson

About the Episode

Brent Stevenson is a physiotherapist in Vancouver, Canada, the co-owner of two multidisciplinary health clinics, the author of two books, and the father of three teenage children.  Brent has a Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, a Masters of Physiotherapy from McMaster University, and a long list of post-graduate training.

His first book titled ‘Why Things Hurt: Life Lessons From An Injury-prone Physical Therapist’ is a collection of meaningful stories and explanations about how our bodies actually work. 

Brent joined us today to discuss his current book ‘Why We Hurt: Understanding How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Body’ which takes a deeper look at the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety in people’s bodies, and how your interpretation of your story when you reach out for help. 

Brent shares profound insights into the mind-body connection, chronic pain management, and the impact of stress and anxiety on our physical well-being. He delves into his personal journey, including overcoming a serious eye injury and navigating the challenges of stress and burnout. 

From exploring the benefits of microdosing psilocybin to discussing the importance of building supportive networks and embracing personal responsibility for our health, Brent offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. Join us as we explore the transformative power of understanding and addressing the sources of physical and emotional discomfort and the proactive steps we can take to cultivate a healthier and more resilient self.

Topics Discussed

Physiotherapy [7.17]
Brent explains how physiotherapy helps your body habituate to hypersensitivity after an acute injury.
Hypermobility [13.22]
Pros and cons of hypermobility.
Why physiotherapy? [21.00]
We discuss the reasons why people are driving toward physiotherapy often.
Migraines [30.30]
Brent shares how he got his migraine under control by making lifestyle changes.
The groundwork [40.06]
How empathy, kindness, and meaningful explanations can help people understand physical discomforts.
The injury [53.57]
Brent shares the story of a painful injury involving his eye and how he dealt with the difficulties that came after the incident.
The inner dialogue [1.08.09]
How inner dialogues can help you achieve a comfortable life.
Personal responsibility [1.16.18]
Brent shares actions that people should be taking on their physical and mental health journeys to achieve their best lives.
Be nice [1.31.30]
You never know what other people are going through. Being kind and empathetic toward people is important.

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