Translating Book Knowledge into Action

with Nick Hutchison

About the Episode

Nick Hutchison is the visionary force behind BookThinkers, a thriving 7-figure marketing agency bridging authors and readers. In just over 7 years, he has cultivated a platform reaching over 1,000,000 people monthly and hosts the top 2% global podcast, “BookThinkers: Life-Changing Books,” featuring interviews with renowned authors like Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes. 

He joined us today to talk about his book, ‘Rise of the Reader: Strategies for Mastering Your Reading Habits and Applying What You Learn.’

Nick provides practical strategies to reprogram the mind at a deep level. The conversation dives into the power of “play bigger triggers,” which serve as environmental cues to overwhelm negative influences with positivity, and the importance of setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for personal growth.

As a seasoned reader of over 100 books per year, Nick sheds light on his intentional approach to extracting actionable nuggets from each book and implementing them into his life. He emphasizes the significance of reading not only for personal growth, but also for sharing valuable lessons with his audience.

Topics Discussed

Right book, right time [3.00]
Starting the conversation, Nick explains how we can find time to read.
Rewiring [8.27]
We discuss how practicing gratitude can change your life.
Memento mori [17.00]
Nick explains why tattoos are important to him and what they represent to him.
Books and actions [24.25]
How the SMART goal framework can be applied to reading books.
Quality and quantity [30.00]
Nick explains why quantity is more important than quality for those who are going to start their reading journey.
Repetition and retention [36.14]
How repetition leads to retention.
25% rule [42.24]
Nick explains the 25% rule and how spending time with yourself can benefit you in different ways.
Attainable goals [47.05]
We talk about the importance of developing attainable goals.
Solving problems [57.50]
How we can find answers to problems we face by reading books.

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