Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed

with Mark Divine

About the Episode

Today’s guest is Mark Divine, an entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist and one of the world’s top leadership and coaching experts. Mark joined us today to talk about his book, ‘The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed.’

After a successful 20 year career as a Navy SEAL and SEAL Commander, Mark was hired by the Navy to create a nationwide coaching and leadership program for the SEALs.

Mark is the founder and leader of several highly successful enterprises, including SEALFIT (physical and mental training), Unbeatable Mind, LLC (executive mastery development),, and USCrossFit

Divine believes that any individual, team, or company can unlock 20X performance with the right tools and training. His company, Unbeatable Mind, helps millions of people achieve their full potential in life and business through their free training resources and advanced training programs for leaders, corporate teams, coaching professionals, and high-achieving individuals.

Mark shares his journey from recognizing the deeper aspects of yoga beyond physical practice to becoming a Navy SEAL and ultimately, a warrior teacher and scholar. He dives into principles such as attention control, concentration, and the power of mindful awareness, providing valuable insights on how these practices can transform one’s life. 

Mark also discusses his unique integrated movement practice and the impact it has had on Navy SEALs and other special operators. Get ready for an inspiring conversation filled with wisdom and practical tools for personal growth on this episode of The Growth Guide.

Topics Discussed

Mark’s story [06.05]
Starting the conversation, Mark shares the journey he took to find who he is.
The direct method [10.35]
We talk about how your ideas and feelings will always have control over you unless you learn to separate yourself from them.
Unbeatable mind [19.19]
A holistic system for optimizing and evolving yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually.
Box breathing [25.55]
Mark defines box breathing, the reasons we need to box breathe, and the benefits we get from it.
Concentration practice [30.16]
We talk about the importance of concentration practice for productivity.
Beyond the offense [36.40]
Mark walks us through the offensive and defensive mindsets.
Decisive actions [43.23]
Doubt is eliminated through action alone.
Embrace the suck [48.05]
The power of doing hard things to achieve what your heart desires.

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