The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy and Kick Ass at Life

with Oonagh Duncan

About the Episode

Oonagh Duncan is the CEO and founder of Fit Feels Good. She is a multi-award-winning fitness expert, media personality, and author of Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You need to Get Lean, Stay healthy and Kick Ass at Life.

Your body is the result of two facts: genetics and habit. You can’t do anything about your genetics, but you can control your habits. Habits are the ones who control your body, and if you redesign your habits, you can live as a whole new person. 

On this episode of The Growth Guide, we explore the importance of being comfortable with being alone and how implementing basic healthy habits can lead to personal growth. Oonagh discusses the all-too-common desire for a big secret to health and wellness and how people can create their own effort to results ratio.

We dive into using meditation to improve sleep and make wiser choices, and how bribing oneself can build positive habit loops. We also touch on alcohol consumption, the power of habits, and the most effective workouts for weight loss. Lastly, we discuss the importance of reinforcing faith in oneself and identity to achieve our goals. 

Tune in for valuable insights on creating sustainable habits and personal growth.

Topics Discussed

Choice of language [4.56]
The language we choose is important when framing weight loss and dieting.
Compound interest [17.]
What will sustain you is your habits, and consistency will provide exponential results.
Reward for the habit, not the outcome [21.12]
You really have to reward the action and not the outcome because the outcome is often very much delayed.
Eating vegetables [26.18]
Oonagh explains how a half-plate of vegetables can help your daily diet. 
Sleeping [32.16]
We talk about the importance of sleep as a part of dieting.
Meditating [39.26]
How meditation helps you to make better choices in life. 
Value of Small wins [46.53]
Start with the smallest version of the habit and reinforce your identity as someone who keeps their promises to themselves.

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