The Changing Game of Education

with Ana Lorena Fabrega

About the Episode

Ana Lorena Fábrega is an author, edupreneur, and Chief Evangelist at Synthesis. Growing up, she attended ten schools in seven different countries. She then earned her BS in Childhood Education and Special Education from New YorkUniversity and taught elementary school in New York, Boston, and Panama. Today, Ana Lorena writes online to over 250,000 readers about the promise of alternative education. Ana believes that our current education system operates under outdated ideologies, holding back children from learning what’s important. 

Ana joined us today to talk about her book, ‘The Learning Game: Teaching Kids to Think for Themselves, Embrace Challenges, and Love Learning.’

As a former teacher and author, Ana brings a wealth of insight on the flaws within the traditional education system and the essential need to nurture children’s inherent curiosity and passion for learning. Join us as we cover the impact of gamification, stoicism, and the pivotal role of parental involvement in shaping a more effective and fulfilling educational journey for children.

Topics Discussed

The game of school [6.06]
Ana explains the game of school and how it builds students without creativity and problem solving.
Parenting [14.10]
The best teacher children can have are their parents.
System failing [20.32]
Ana talks about how the current education system is failing students.
Obsessions [30.00]
We talk about how children are capable of doing incredible things if they are directed towards their passions and obsessions.
Gamification [37.00]
Ana explains how gamification can be applied to the education system to increase motivation to learn among children.
Storytelling [44.15]
Stories are one of the best ways to get children hooked on what they are going to be learning about.
Questioning [48.00]
Asking questions is one way of learning things. We talk about why children stop asking questions at certain ages.
Boredom [58.00]
The importance of boredom in the lives of children.
Fragility of children [1.01.25]
We dive into how overprotectiveness with the best intentions can make children fragile.

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