Sweaty Businesses + Social Media + Time = Billion Dollar Businesses

with Nick Huber

About the Episode

Our guest today is Nick Huber. Nick is an entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer. He owns stakes in 11 companies, including a real estate private equity firm and several agencies. 

As a content creator, he has published over 400 podcast episodes, 200+ articles, and thousands of tweets. Through content, he shares his life and business philosophy while simultaneously developing a diverse portfolio of sweaty startups in real-time. 

Nick shares his journey from starting a small student storage company to building a multi-million dollar self-storage empire and beyond. He provides valuable insights on how he grew his businesses, attracted talent through social media, and even made a game-changing investment in a company called Support Shepherd. Nick also dives into the importance of providing value upfront, the art of delegation, and the power of empowering employees to make decisions. 

Join us as we talk about Nick’s journey as an entrepreneur, the birth of Storage Squad, raising money for startups, Nick’s Twitter journey, attracting talent through Twitter, adding value to people, and more.

Nick’s growing business empire:

Business Brokerage – https://nickhuber.com/

Personal Brand – https://sweatystartup.com/

Self Storage – https://boltstorage.com/

Bold SEO – https://boldseo.com/

Insurance – https://titanrisk.com/

Recruiting – https://recruitjet.com/

Landing Page / Web Development – https://webrun.com/

Overseas Staffing – https://supportshepherd.com/

Debt and Equity – https://bluekeycapital.com/

Tax Credit – https://taxcredithunter.com/

Cost Segregation – https://recostseg.com/

Performance Marketing – https://adrhino.com/

Pest control – https://spidexx.com/

Nick’s Book – https://antientrepreneur.com/

Topics Discussed

Storage Squad [13.31]
We dive into the birth story of Storage Squad, a college moving and storage service.
The momentum [21.19]
It takes a lot more than a world-changing idea to build a company, especially for a college student.
Raising money [28.55]
Nick walks us through how he raised money for Storage Squad.
Twitter journey [35.30]
Nick shares the story behind starting his Twitter account.
Courting controversy [47.41]
We talk about how Nick uses Twitter to court controversy as one of his avenues for growing his business.
Attracting talent [1.00.38]
We talk about Twitter’s ability to find the best talent for something in any space.
Love and hate [1.07.57]
Your job as an entrepreneur is to give other people what they need in exchange for money, not figure out what you want to do to make money.
Delegation [1.14.59]
As a business owner, you have to put people who are competent and have been tested and trained between you and your problems.
Adding value [1.22.57]
We talk about what happens when you keep adding value to people’s lives and how it can build trust as an end result.

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