Shadow Work and Conscious Relationship Training

with Stephanie Hunter

About the Episode

Stephanie Hunter is a shadow work facilitator and transformational mentor in Vancouver, BC, and online. She leads programs, including a weekly women’s group with Georgianna Lee of Rising Woman and semi-annual Conscious Relationship Training founded by Phil T. She is gifted with the ability to translate woo-woo into practical terms, for bringing humor into hard work, and for Radical Acceptance. Hence is ready to bless anyone in need of her gift by helping them. In today’s episode, we have an interesting conversation with Stephanie regarding the framework for conscious living and radical honesty. She walks us through the eleven most important habits/ characteristics that make up this whole framework of the conscious code.

We start the conversation with some of the things that interest and motivate Stephanie. Her top picks include not making assumptions, interconnectedness, and radical honesty. Stephany shares how these things are connected to her life. Some of us have not been able to admit to ourselves who we are and how we want to live our lives. Stephanie shares her thoughts on how we can go about uncovering who we are. Her preferred ways of uncovering truths about ourselves include meditation and shadow work. We talk about how we can practice these methods in our lives.

Something many of us find to be difficult in life is maintaining healthy boundaries. Whether it is with partners, family, friends, or colleagues, it can often get challenging. We talk about how we can establish and maintain healthy boundaries. Stephanie dives deep into how we can get to know our feelings, what feels good to us, and the questions we should ask ourselves to establish our boundaries.

Moving onto relationships, we talk about one-sided relationships and why some people feel connected to someone and take too long to notice that they’re in a one-sided relationship. We talk about key signs we can use to identify whether we’re in a one-sided relationship. Another type of relationship we touch on is codependent relationships, where we’re sometimes plugging into our partners and expecting them to meet our needs. Stephanie shares her thoughts on how this behavior can limit our freedom and independence as human beings and how we can build healthy relationships. Wrapping up the episode, Stephanie talks about finding our purpose. She shares with us how we can start finding our purpose by noticing what feels good and what feels bad and what we would naturally have energy for.

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