Sex, Purpose, Presence and Execution

with Jordan Gray

About the Episode

Since 2009, Jordan Gray  has made it his life’s mission to help as many people as possible create their most fulfilling, passionate, love-filled lives. His way of doing this has been through publishing books and hundreds of articles, coaching clients one-on-one in deep-dive sessions, leading weekly men’s groups, and teaching at seminars. To date, his writing has reached over 80 million readers.

In this conversation, Jordan and I dive deep into how to have better relationships, find our purpose, improve sex life, and deal with suicide attempts, men’s work, and more.

We start the conversation with Jordan’s childhood and the struggles he had to face growing up. Jordan’s relationship with his siblings and his parents was complicated, and this made him feel isolated which ultimately led to him suffering in silence to the point where he attempted suicide. We unpack how that happened, the way his family reacted to it made him think differently about his relationship with them and how he overcame his challenges. 

As a young adult, Jordan had quite an adventurous life for a few years going through relationships, breakups, and trying new things. We talk about what he learned from these experiences and some strategies young people can utilize to build a mindset that helps them become successful and happy. We also talk about how being a “Nice Guy” affects our lives and how to grow beyond it. One of the key milestones in Jordan’s life is joining a men’s group called the Samurai Brotherhood. Jordan talks about what a men’s group is and what he learned from it.

Oftentimes, men have a tendency to keep their pain inside without asking for help from loved ones. Jordan shares his take on why this happens and how to create the mindset that allows us to get out of this behavior. 

Jordan has an interesting perspective on how men view their relationships and sex. We talk about how the way men think about sex is different from what women expect, what makes a good lover, how extended consumption of porn drags us away from reality, and more tips & tricks to improve relationships. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about some of the exciting projects Jordan has planned for upcoming months and how our listeners can get involved.

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