Save Smart Now For the Future You Want

with Anne Lester

About the Episode

This episode features Anne Lester, a media commentator and speaker who’s on a mission to help Americans of all walks of life to achieve a safe and secure retirement. Hailed as a “pioneer and innovator” by the esteemed financial services company Morningstar,Anne has worked on all aspects of retirement for the past thirty years. Most recently, she spent fifteen years as head of retirement solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management, where she traveled the country and spoke to tens of thousands of investors. She is a regular contributor on an array of retirement issues for CNBC, Bloomberg TV, the Wall Street Journal,the New York Times, and countless industry publications. 

Anne joined us today to talk about her new book, ‘Your Best Financial Life: Save Smart Now for the Future You Want.’

Anne shares her experience of overcoming a significant financial setback and how it led her to understand the crucial link between personal behavior and financial decisions. The discussion delves into the changing financial landscape for different generations, as well as practical advice on managing cash flow, debt, and investing. 

Anne’s insights on emergency funds, savings strategies, and the impact of social media and the internet on spending habits provide valuable guidance for listeners aiming to build wealth and make informed financial decisions. 

Topics Discussed

The change [06.46]
Starting the conversation, we discuss the huge lifestyle differences between boomers and Gen Z.
Making mistakes [12.20]
Anne explains why people are afraid of making mistakes nowadays.
Compounding [18.01]
When you save money, it takes time to see the effects that it's building.
Buy now, pay later [25.20]
We discuss why the concept of ‘buy now, pay later’ is dangerous.
Credit cards [30.19]
How people spend an enormous amount of money with credit cards rather than cash.
Subscription audit [35.24]
The importance of doing a subscription audit.
Heart attack chart [41.58]
A chart full of numbers based on your salary and age describing how many times your current income you should have saved, assuming you are retiring at the age of 65.
Doing the right thing [53.24]
What people should consider doing if they are not sure they have a disciplined process of investing.
Commitment [56.07]
Anne explains what we can do to increase and maintain our money-saving process.
Can it be better [01.06.23]
Things can go from bad to worse all the time, but in the end, it’s going to be okay, and you are going to navigate through life.

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