Pay Attention, Be Brilliant and Go Deep

with Bill Williams

About the Episode

Have you ever wondered how to tap into an endless stream of energy that draws value from your daily life, career, family, and community? My guest today reveals how to leave work, having more energy than when you arrive. Bill Williams, a speaker, author, and executive development coach also known as “Electric Bill,” joins today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast to explore micro-steps that can be taken to tap into a limitless source of energy.

He is referred to as “Electric Bill”  because of his objective to shake us out of our everyday habits. He is renowned for his distinctive brand of electrified workplace techniques. In his book, Electric Life, Bill teaches us how to create an electric life in which our workdays end more energized than they began by using compelling personal anecdotes and case studies with research-based insights and advice. Also, Bill has provided his one-of-a-kind leadership coaching, offering different strategies for cultivating and fostering the essential leadership qualities for many years. In addition, he has emceed events in cities across North America, including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, San Diego, and Chicago, hosting over 140 speakers and over 85 executive panels in front of over 30,000 guests. Also, Bill is the founder and CEO of The B4 Group Inc, a boutique leadership development organization, and the host and brand ambassador for The Art of Leadership Signature Series / The Art of Leadership for Women.

In today’s talk, Bill reveals groundbreaking yet doable micro-steps for tapping into an unlimited energy source, empowering us to reach our full potential. By incorporating these simple activities into our daily life, we can become aware of the decisions we can make to close the gap between who we are and who we want to be. By choosing our route wisely and enthusiastically, we can discover, maintain, and even generate the energy necessary to live an electrifying existence. Also, during the conversation, Bill demonstrates how to cultivate a growth mindset by asking ourselves the right questions. Moreover, he further stresses how to consciously choose our luck. He also discusses determining how we feel and why “fine” is not a correct response when describing our emotions. Besides that, Bill shares how giving energy helps us to get it back and how being self-ful (not selfish) fills our tanks. Most importantly, he explains why mistakes should be made and celebrated. Also, he highlights how to truly perceive others and create a safe space for them during the conversation. 

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