Overcome Distraction to Pursue a More Meaningful Life

with Joshua Becker

About the Episode

What is it like to live a life without distractions? This week’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast features Joshua Becker, a writer, creator, and entrepreneur at Becoming Minimalist. He is here to talk about his latest book, “Things That Matter: Overcoming Distraction to Pursue a More Meaningful Life.” Throughout the episode, we discuss Joshua’s journey,, identifying distractions, re-programming, money as a stressor, becoming a minimalist,, and more.

Joshua begins the conversation by diving into a brief bio of himself. Growing up in a middle-class family, he became a pastor after college and came to understand that the things he owned were not making him happy, and then becoming a minimalist..

Joshua explains how people waste their time or money on things they don’t need. He further describes how people want to be good people or change the world but chase stuff they don’t desire for the wrong reasons.

We try to stay in the exact spot in life because we are afraid to try new things, afraid to make mistakes. Joshua shares what fears he has, what common fears people have, and what he does to overcome those fears.

Sometimes comparing your life with others has adverse effects. The reality may be completely different from what we see. Joshua dives into how people compare themselves with others.

We are linked to technology in every aspect of our lives. Technology can be a lot of help at the same time, a disaster if misused. Joshua dives into how we are consumed by technology and spend more time with it than with ourselves. It’s unclear why, but every time we step away from technology, we come back more strategic and intentional, according to Joshua.

Wrapping up today’s conversation, Joshua talks about the importance of living up to our potential, our own rules, and our values. The necessity of what we want must entirely depend on ourselves, not others. That way, only you can make your life a meaningful one.

Topics Discussed

A brief bio [00.28]
Joshua shares his journey of becoming a minimalist and discovering how excessive possessions take happiness away. 
End of life [07.41]
Joshua explains that his book is dedicated to influencing the reader on how to live their lives having fewer regrets about how they lived. 
Heedless luxury & no good activity [09.53]
The comfort that isn't necessary and the time we spend doing nothing worthy makes us question the time we wasted, says Joshua. 
I commit myself [15.41]
I commit myself – Staying focused every day is essential. Joshua shares the importance of having a clear goal in mind every day
Identify the distractions [20.24]
Joshua shares how his book helps readers to identify the distractions in their lives from doing worthy things with their time. 
A little bit more [31.37]
No matter how much money we have, we want a little more. Joshua explains why 90% of American people have stress over money. 
Re-programming [45.10]
Joshua explains how the world is trying to manipulate our existence. He further explains how to break it and re-program ourselves. 
Childhood [51.50]
Joshua dives into how your origin or childhood affects your view of possessions. He shares what people need to do to discover how they are programmed in their childhood. 
Time [01.01.40]
Joshua dives into why it is easy to sacrifice time for things we don't want. 
Consuming media [01.10.05]
Joshua shares his idea on why technology consumes people.

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