Navigating the Challenges of Technology and Change

with Edward Hess

About the Episode

Edward D. Hess is a Professor Emeritus of Business Administration at the University of Virginia and the author of 15 books. Professor Hess had 20 years of experience as a business executive before joining academia. His research has mostly concentrated on achieving exceptional organizational and individual performance, specifically in the areas of leadership enhancement, fostering high-performance cultures, and designing learning and innovation platforms that facilitate superior human behavioral performance.

His work has been featured in more than 400 international media platforms, such as Fortune magazine, European Business Review, HBR, SHRM, Fast Company, WIRED, Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and Washington Post. 

He joined us today to talk about his new book, ‘OWN YOUR WORK JOURNEY!: The Path to Meaningful Work and Happiness in the Age of Smart Technology and Radical Change.’

Humility is all about having an accurate view of your abilities and achievements, being able to acknowledge your mistakes, imperfections, and limitations, being open to new ideas, and keeping your accomplishments in perspective. Professor Hess explains some of the practices we can use to increase humility.

Our discussion dives into the power of mindfulness and personal growth as we navigate an ever-changing world. From Edward’s personal experiences with meditation gurus to their inspiring journey of embracing ownership and continuous learning, this episode is filled with wisdom and practical strategies for personal transformation. 

We also explore the challenges and potential solutions in the education system, the impact of technology on jobs, and the importance of embracing empathy and humility in our lives.

Topics Discussed

Ownership [07.07]
Starting the conversation, Professor Hess explains what we have to do to have a happy and meaningful life in an age full of smart technology.
The business world [14.04]
We talk about why we need to bring our best selves to the business world in the next 10 to 15 years.
Accountability partner [22.00]
The importance of having an accountability partner.
Critical thinking [30.10]
A critical thinker emerges when one actively engages in stress testing and actively seeks alternative answers, consciously striving to uncover knowledge that challenges their own beliefs.
Meditation practice [38.09]
Meditation practices to be successful in the modern world.
Humility [44.35]
Edward explains some practices for increasing humility.
Emotional fragility [52.19]
We discuss the possible reasons for not paying severe attention to critical thinking in the modern world.
Education system [1.00.00]
Emotional well-being and the education system of the USA.
Technological development [1.05.00]
We talk about why we need to have an open mind about technology and where it takes us.

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