Making Good Choices During Difficult Times

with Shannon Lee Simmons

About the Episode

This week’s episode features Shannon Lee Simmons. Shannon is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), life coach, media personality, bestselling author, and founder of the award-winning New School of Finance. She is a personal finance columnist for CBC’s Metro Morning and a guest expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, in addition to being a frequent contributor for the Globe and Mail. She joined us today to talk about her book ‘No-Regret Decisions: Making Good Choices During Difficult Times’.

Shannon defines the term ‘decision crisis, which she discusses in her book. We further dive into how hard it is to get back to normal when your life suddenly changes. With the routine you had before the decisions, it’s going to be like settling in a foreign country. But with careful steps, you can slowly fit into a normal lifestyle. In this part, we dive into the things people can do to get their lives back on track.

So, whether you’re navigating a bidding war, making a life-altering decision, or simply seeking guidance on finding financial peace, this episode is packed with valuable advice and practical strategies. Join us as we unlock the secrets to mindful decision-making and reclaiming control over our financial journeys. Let’s dive into The Growth Guide with Shannon Lee Simmons.

Topics Discussed

Decision crisis [2.43]
Starting the conversation, Shannon defines decision crisis.
Getting back to normal [10.02]
It’s hard to get back to normal when your life suddenly changes. We go through Shannon’s lists and routine for getting back to normal.
Circle of care [21.21]
We talk about the importance of sharing with people who have gone through the same difficulties as you.
Core values [31.24]
You are going to enjoy your daily life if the decisions you make are based on your core values.
Options and outcomes [36.17]
A solid action with a predictable outcome in the short run can change the course of how things are going to play out for you.
Panic-based decisions [45.45]
We discuss how people come to regret panic-based decisions years later.
The next normal [51.33]
You can’t undo the decisions you've made in the past. But you can make peace with the things that didn’t work out.
No-regret decisions [1.02.32]
Shannon shares the importance of her book for people who are going through transitions in life and for people who like to understand and be ready to go through a transition.

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