The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success

with Jeffrey Shaw

About the Episode

In recent years, self-employment has become something that interests many people across the globe. While it has a plethora of benefits, being self-employed comes with a set of unique challenges as well. Our guest today is someone who has made a remarkable career out of helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the world of self-employment. Jeffrey Shaw, business coach, speaker, and the author of ‘The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success,’ joins us today to take a deep dive into business and personal development strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We start the conversation with some of the things that inspire and motivate Jeffrey and some of the learnings from his long career as a business coach. Getting into the concepts of self-employment, Jeff shares his thoughts on the reasons that motivate people to lean towards self-employment and a concept that he’s included in his book; the self-employed ecosystem. Throughout the episode, we dive deep into each of the three key elements of the self-employed ecosystem.

Diving into the first element of the ecosystem, we talk about how to overcome the fear of success, how we sometimes become an obstacle in our own path to success, and what we can do to overcome the limiting beliefs that hold us back. He further explains how setting intentions can become a powerful catalyst to success and some scientific research that demonstrated the power of intentions.

Jeffrey’s perspective on marketing is quite unique and fascinating. We talk about why some of the commonly used terms in marketing have a negative impact on our mindset and attitude towards our customers and why he prefers to use terms that resonate closely with the relationships we build with our customers. Wrapping up the episode, Jeffrey dives deep into some of the habits self-employed people should implement in their lives that will lead them to success.

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