Imagining a New Story for Work and Life

with Paul Millerd

About the Episode

Paul Millerd is an independent writer, freelancer, coach, and digital creator. He has written online for many years and has built a growing audience of curious humans from around the world. He spent several years working in strategy consulting before deciding to walk away and embrace a pathless path. He is fascinated about how our relationship to work is shifting and how more people can live lives where they can thrive. Paul joined us today to talk about his book, ‘The Pathless Path: Imagining a New Story for Work and Life.’

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the complexities of life choices, societal expectations, and the pursuit of true fulfillment. Paul reflects on his journey as a parent and how his relationship has thrived amidst the challenges of early parenthood, challenging the notion that relationships must suffer during this time. 

We explore the value society places on work and money, and the rewards of opting into non-monetary aspects of life. We also discuss the power of intentionality in designing one’s path, the importance of avoiding burnout, and the concept of inversion as a technique for reimagining one’s actions and goals. 

Stay tuned as Paul unravels the intricacies of finding one’s own path in a world that often pushes us onto the default track.

Topics Discussed

The default path [05.45]
We start the conversation by defining the default path and how it is buried deep in the minds of people.
Digital economy [12.55]
The transition from the industrial economy to the digital economy is difficult because people are unable to have the comfortable life they had with the industrial economy.
Ambition [20.00]
People work too hard to live. But most of them don’t ever get to live their lives. Paul shares how he realized work is not that important.
Abundance mindset [27.00]
Paul talks about the abundance mindset and how it impacted his life.
The change [37.15]
Change is difficult. To change, you need to trust yourself, but figuring out how to get in a state to trust yourself is incredibly hard.
Faith and Pathless [43.37]
We dive into the importance of having faith in the connections we have with our closest people.
Re-choosing [49.39]
You constantly have to re-choose your path. Reaffirm your principles.
Defining enough [59.05]
Success differs from one person to another. Paul shares his thoughts on how people can get into defining ‘enough’ for them.
Do I have enough? [01.06.09]
Do I have enough? – We talk about the insecurity people have over money running out.

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