How to Think Like a Corporate Athlete

with Punit Dhillon

About the Episode

We have all seen people with a certain amount of grace, poise, and overall ease of movement. Yet, we sometimes overlook the primary reason behind them: practice makes perfect. Even a corporate athlete’s success is based upon and directly related to repetitive practice inside a set schedule. In today’s episode of the pursuit of learning, we have a fascinating conversation with someone who transforms the skills and tools he learned in sports into corporate leadership. Punit Dhillon is the founder and CEO of Skye Bioscience. Also, he is a director at YELL Canada. Other than that, Punit is a corporate athlete. Starting from nearly drowning in a swimming pool when he was nine years old, he completed his first Ironman Triathlon twenty years later. In addition, he is the author of the book Catapult: How to Think Like a Corporate Athlete to Strengthen Your Resilience.

Punit begins the conversation by sharing the factors that motivate him. He expresses his aspiration to unlock entrepreneurship with sports to close the achievement gap of the social issues we experience today. Punit believes that there is a great deal of value to be gained from athletics to answer the burning issues in the present world. Additionally, he explains how nicely being an athlete and then transitioning into entrepreneurship work together.

According to Punit, adversity stimulates our will to excel. Troubles and hardships may become our motivation with the proper training and mindset. He teaches us how to disrupt the status quo, leave a legacy, and genuinely make a difference in the world through his book. Suppose you are genuinely attempting to comprehend yourself as an individual and character to identify your passions. In that case, his book will help you a lot.

Another point he highlights in the conversation is the significance of having an arrangement in our lives. Although he states that we cannot have a structure for everything in life, he emphasizes that a framework can keep us focused on our purpose and give us a foundation for achieving our full potential. He says that it keeps us focused and on track, ensuring that we never lose sight of our objective. A structure involves repetition for everything to become automated over time, allowing you to devote more time to pursue your dreams.

Moreover, we talk about the role that coaches play and their necessity in our lives. Finally, Punit concludes the discussion by emphasizing the importance of checking all the boxes in the various categories that make us happy while achieving our personal goals.

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