How to Overcome Insomnia

with Jade Wu

About the Episode

Jade Wu, PhD, DBSM is a board certified behavioral sleep specialist specializing in adult insomnia and sleep problems during pregnancy and the postnatal period.  She received her doctoral clinical psychology training from Boston University and completed her behavioral medicine residency/fellowship at Duke University School of Medicine. She regularly appears in print media such as Huffington Post, as well as on radio/TV programs such as NPR and ABC News to share sleep health research with the public. In the clinic, she uses evidence-based methods and a collaborative approach to help people restore sleep health. 

Jade joined us today to talk about her book, “Hello Sleep: The Science and Art of Overcoming Insomnia Without Medications.”

Jade emphasizes the importance of nurturing a healthy connection with sleep, likening it to a personal relationship that requires compassion and understanding. From dispelling misconceptions about sleep hygiene to diving into the complexities of chronic insomnia, Jade offers valuable insights and practical advice. 

We explore the dynamic nature of sleep architecture, the impact of cognitive behavioral therapy on addressing sleep issues, and the significance of embracing rest as a rejuvenating practice. We also uncover a range of topics, from the impact of mental stress on sleep to the diverse ways individuals respond to challenging thoughts. So, whether you struggle with sleep or simply want to enhance your understanding of rest, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways to guide you on your journey to a better relationship with sleep.

Topics Discussed

Sleep tracking [04.41]
Starting the conversation, Dr. Jade explains the pros and cons of sleep tracking. 
Time & amount [10.32]
We discuss how time and amount differ according to our genetics and lifestyle when it comes to sleeping.
Insomnia [16.31]
Insomnia and the 3 Ps. 
Cognitive behavioral therapy [22.08]
We discuss the effect cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia has on our thoughts and behaviors. 
Challenging thoughts [29.33]
How we can overcome negative thoughts by challenging our thoughts. 
Conditioned arousal [35.39]
Conditioned arousal and why the last thing we should do in bed is to be awake and frustrated. 
Circadian Rhythm Dysregulation [39.33]
The importance of the contrast between day and night for a proper sleeping routine. 
Caffeine [44.53]
We discuss why caffeine is not very helpful for our bodies in the long run. 
Screen time [48.16]
How content and intention behind screen use impact our sleep. 
A good relationship [54.11]
Concluding our discussion, Dr. Jade explains why we need to have a good and healthy relationship with sleep. 

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