How to Make More Money to Do More Good

with Derrick Kinney

About the Episode

My guest today is Derrick Kinney, CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the popular Good Money Podcast.  Derrick is recognized by Forbes as one of the nation’s top financial advisors and he’s coached thousands of clients to financial success.  We talk about his book, Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good, and he teaches us to make more money, live the life we deserve and change the world, too.

Derrick walks us through the reasons for selling his practice and how he wants to help independent advisors build their practices by incorporating generosity into them. He further shares how he can get what he wants by helping other people.

Being generous to people who need it is one of the best things you can do as a human. It makes you part of others’ happiness. It makes you part of a bigger picture in society. Derrick shares one of his clients’ stories about having a generous purpose in life and how it helped them grow their own businesses by being generous.

Having a side hustle is important. You can stay motivated with your side hustles once you figure out why you’re doing them. You have to find your big “why,” and the sacrifices you make are worth it at the end of it.

Topics Discussed

The “Good Money” message [01.24]
Derrick discusses why he wanted to bring the "good money" message to the world.
Generosity purpose [18.40]
When you connect a purpose to your money, everything changes. 
Being generous [28.03]
Derrick shares how you can be generous to people when you are not financially stable.
Saving money [35.43]
How to save money and use it to invest in generosity.
Side hustles [45.04]
Derrick discusses the importance of knowing why you want to do a side hustle. Derrick believes that once you discover the reason, all other sacrifices are worthwhile.
Money mindsets [58.50]
Common money mindsets people have, how to avoid them, and keep moving forward.
Setting goals [01.10.50]
We talk about the things we need to do to make a difference in our lives every year.

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