How to Live a Stress-Free Financial Life

with Jared Dillian

About the Episode

Jared Dillian is a writer, author, and speaker. He is the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals. Jared has written for Bloomberg Opinion, Forbes, and, and he now works as an investment strategist for Mauldin Economics. He has spoken at dozens of conferences and other events, proving that he is an excellent public speaker. Jared Dillian Money is Jared’s personal finance venture, where he is a partner and developer of content. 

He joined us today to talk about his brand new book, ‘No Worries: How to Live a Stress-Free Financial Life.’

We dive into strategies for minimizing financial stress and building wealth, with Jared emphasizing the importance of increasing income and making savvy financial decisions. From discussing the impact of college education on financial well-being to sharing effective investment strategies, this episode provides valuable insights into reducing financial stress.

Get ready for a conversation that will equip you with practical tools for improving your financial journey.

Topics Discussed

The choice [07.13]
Money is a choice. You are the one who decides how much money you are going to make.
Debt or risk [13.43]
We discuss how debt and risks cause financial stress.
Volatility [18.19]
Jared explains why humans are bad investors.
Luck [21.25]
Jared shares how he positioned himself to be exposed to luck and how it benefited him.
The three Cs [26.12]
The three Cs you must have to make investments are courage, capital, and conviction.
Credit card debts [30.06]
Jared explains why credit cards are a terrible way to borrow money.
College education [36.36]
We talk about the lack of knowledge in college students about modern world finances.
The purpose [41.00]
The purpose of a college education.
Awesome portfolio [46.00]
Jared explains the awesome portfolio.
The balance [52.45]
The importance of having a healthy relationship with money.


The Black Swan
Book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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