How to Build Incredible Collaborative Relationships at Work

with Deb Mashek

Topics Discussed

Collaboration [05.50]
Deb shares a brief bio on herself and defines collaboration in her own terms. 
Hierarchy [15.02]
The collaboration of every member is important in a collaborative workspace. 
The Mashek Matrix [21.03]
We go through the two dimensions of the Mashek Matrix.
OCEAN [28.47]
Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism are the big five personality assessments.
Relationship quality [36.16]
We talk about ways to improve relationship quality.
Self-expansion theory [46.19]
Deb explains the psychological theory of self-expansion. 
Frequency dial [59.26]
We talk about formal vs. informal time on the frequency dial in interdependence. 
Invest in relationships [01.05.52]
Collaboration is far from easy. We talk about the importance of developing relationships in order to collaborate. 
Best behaviors [01.20.27]
We talk about the best behaviors to have when we are building a team for collaboration.

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