How Legendary Writers Create a Category of One

with Nicolas Cole

About the Episode

One of the best things about being a writer is you provide value to your readers’ lives. You help them overcome their problems and build their lives in a better way.

Our guest today is Nicolas Cole, an author and top writer on Quora. With over 30 million views online, he is one of the most-read digital writer. He has written over a dozen books, including the best-selling ‘The Art & Business of Online Writing.’ He joined us today to talk about his new book, Snow Leopard, How Legendary Writers Create a Category of One. Throughout the episode, we’ll dive into Nicolas’ journey to become a writer and thought leader, the five levels of the creative journey, obvious and non-obvious content creation, financial independence, and more.

Starting the conversation, Nicolas dives into his journey of becoming a writer, first as a gamer, and bodybuilder, getting a degree in fiction writing, as an entrepreneur, as a ghostwriter, and finally, a writer on his own. He has published 50-55 mini books’

Giving people value for what you are doing is a tremendous success that anyone can achieve. It’s not about what you get. It’s about what value others get from you. If you are successful that way, you are getting the desired results from what you are doing. Nicolas dives deep into saying that you have to figure out what things you can do for people, and you will be remembered for that particular niche.

In the next phase of our conversation, Nicolas shares his idea about obvious and non-obvious content. Obvious content is made for enjoyment and sells well, but doesn’t have lasting value. Non-obvious content gives value more than just short-term pleasure. They are helping people add something valuable to their lives. According to Nicolas, that’s why non-obvious content best-selling lists or gain immediate recognition. People need time to understand non-obvious content.

Wrapping up the conversation, Nicolas comes right back to where he started with the idea of training yourself to let go of external rewards because all the growth comes within you.

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