How Failure Makes You an Outstanding Leader

with Colin Hunter

About the Episode

Combined with focused, purposeful reflection, relearning failure as a valuable outcome makes an exceptional and successful leader. In addition, leadership requires embracing your self-doubting inner voices and intentionally stretching yourself and your staff. That is, however, easier said than done.

In today’s episode of the pursuit of learning, we have a fascinating and informative conversation with Colin Hunter. He is an author, mentor, entrepreneur, coach, and the CEO and Lead Guide to a business, Potential Squared, founded in 2001.  Colin founded the company to inspire leaders by reimagining how they engage and develop their people. He and his international team are experts in creating immersive, quantifiable environments that promote new ways of thinking, systems, and behaviors. Colin’s passion is for leadership experimentation, producing influence through a leader’s presence, and designing systems and habits that are integrated with the intentional practice for those leaders.

What if you could create a work environment that felt less like a struggle, less stressful, and more like a playground: a place filled with opportunities to take risks and push limits, with soft landings? A space where you and your team can experiment, make mistakes, and get things wrong? A space where failure is acceptable? It has never been more critical to fail early, fail frequently, and fail forward in the age of disruption. Colin’s most recent book, Be More Wrong, delves into the systems, habits, and practices required to develop crucial leadership abilities and accelerate learning. If you’re recovering from Imposter Syndrome and feeling constrained in your ability to lead effectively, Be More Wrong will shift your mentality and encourage you to believe you can succeed by learning from your mistakes.

Colin discusses his Pi2 Leadership Impact Model and demonstrates how to develop systems and habits that will enable you to lead with greater confidence, conviction, and connection during the conversation. Additionally, he emphasizes that we will learn to distinguish between various leadership styles. Moreover, he highlights numerous aspects that make a good leader exceptional. Furthermore, Colin discusses multiple topics, including determining the goal of one’s life, becoming an impactful leader, and various other concepts, such as positive intelligence and conflict pack. In addition, he highlights the significance of starting things right and small.

By putting our egos and expertise aside and embarking on a trip to study human behavior, generate new ideas, and experiment, we will begin to create a playground for ourselves and our team. Driven by his current purpose, Colin works to create measurable playgrounds to disrupt the way people are led and amplify the human in leadership. Furthermore, throughout the talk, Colin emphasizes regardless of how unlikely a leader you believe yourself to be, you may get it right by being more wrong.

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