How Embracing Wonder Can Make You Happier, Healthier and More Connected

with Jonah Paquette

About the Episode

This week’s episode of the Growth Guide podcast features Jonah Paquette. He is a clinical psychologist, keynote speaker on the science of well-being and emotional fitness, award-winning author, and TEDx speaker. He is the author of four books, and he joined us today to talk about his book, ‘Awestruck: How Embracing Wonder Can Make You Happier, Healthier and More Connected.

Sometimes we miss the wonders of life because we are simply not paying attention or living in the moment. Being present in the moment and having mindfulness are important. It makes you identify the finest little things that life offers. Jonah shares that the more we experience the present moment, the more present we become and notice things.

Forest bathing is more about just being in a forest. It’s more about connecting to green spaces and merging mindfulness and nature. It’s connecting with the natural world by closing your eyes, opening your eyes, listening to sounds, and making your foot touch the grass. According to Jonah, it reduces problems with blood pressure and heart rate variability.

We usually get courage and inspiration from other people. That can be our family or a totally famous stranger on the internet. We are constantly in awe of other people’s abilities, courage, convictions, strengths, and resilience. We talk about how we can get inspired by other people to do something better for ourselves.

Topics Discussed

The present moment [7.39]
We talk about the importance of being in the moment, where we can notice small wonders.
The three Cs [12.02]
Awe has benefits of connection, compassion, and curiosity, sparking altruism, global consciousness, and personal generosity while creating a link between curiosity and awe.
Small stuff [22.18]
We talk about why the small things that stress us out don’t feel important when we are surrounded by something ancient or awesome.
Negative experiences [31.50]
Jonah explains how negative experiences can trigger a sense of belonging, community, connection, and compassion.
Forest bathing [37.55]
Jonah defines forest bathing and the benefits it has.
Vastness [50.40]
Vastness makes us feel small, but not in a threatening way.
Finding awe in everyday life [1.01.22]
Such as reflecting on the unlikelihood of existence and taking a curious, detail-oriented approach to experiences with animals or nature.
Courage and inspiration [1.07.04]
Jonah shares his attitude about getting inspired and having courage from the people around you who might have silent battles within them.
Journaling [1.15.47]
A way of reconnecting with the greatest memories of your life and remembering them.

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