F the Shoulds, Do the Wants

with Tricia Huffman

About the Episode

Our guest today is Tricia Huffman, a podcast host, speaker, Manager of Integrity to Grammy Award-winning artists, and founder of Your Joyologist.For over a decade she has been a called upon mental health and mindset expert spreading her mission to claim joy daily via her empowering social media posts, real talk podcast, coaching work, product line, Own Your Awesome daily inspiration app, book, and everything that she does

Tricia joined us today to talk about her book, ‘F the Shoulds. Do the Wants: Get Clear on Who You Are, What You Want, and Why You Want It.

Tricia shares her personal journey of prioritizing herself and breaking free from societal expectations. From her pivotal moment at age fifteen to her career as a live sound engineer, Tricia’s story will inspire you to question the word “should” and embrace your true desires in order to live a more fulfilling life. 

Starting the conversation, Tricia explains her journey to realizing how much the word ‘should’ has power over our lives.We usually mistake ‘should’ with ‘want’. We think we are going after what we want, but it’s what we think we should want. The shoulds are the result of outside influences in your life. If you want to get control over your life, you have to replace your shoulds with your wants.

Join us as Tricia dives deep into the power of self-validation, forgiveness, and the importance of trusting your own unique path to success. Are you ready to let go of judgment, make choices from a place of empowerment, and cultivate a mindset of growth? Then let’s jump right into this incredible episode of The Growth Guide with Tricia Huffman.

Topics Discussed

Giving up the should [7.02]
Tricia shares a brief bio about herself and how life-changing it was for her after giving up the word ‘should’.
Is it selfish? [13.38]
Taking care of yourself and doing what you feel is right is the furthest thing from being selfish.
Doubting the doubt [22.38]
It’s okay to have doubts, fears, and regrets because you are human. But you have to make peace with those things in order to go forward.
Internal dialog [29.48]
Tricia explains how she deals with her inner critic.
Feeling lower [35.44]
No one can make you feel you are not enough or strong without your consent. You only get to make that choice for yourself.
The possibility [43.28]
We talk about why people are afraid to put themselves out there.
Punishing yourself [50.25]
Punishing yourself for things that happened in the past doesn’t help you move forward or change the future.
The shame [58.25]
We talk about why we feel shame for doing things that make us happy.
The judgment [1.08.54]
The fear of being judged is even bigger than the fear of failure.
Recognition [1.16.07]
We talk about why it is important to recognize that we are enough in order to move forward.

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