Driving Optimal Performance Through Core Attributes

with Rich Diviney

About the Episode

Performance and optimal performance are two different things. While improving performance is good, pursuing optimal performance is the better and more sustainable way that allow us to become successful in out personal and professional ventures. Our guest today is an author, and a retired commander who ran training programs for the navy seals. Throughout the episode, we dive into some science-backed, real-world optimal performance indicators and how we can function at optimal performance level by developing key attributes of our personality.

Skills are an important contributing factor to our performance and success. However, there’s a part of the story that skills do not completely cover. We have to look at attributes for that part. We start today’s conversation by talking about the differences between skills and attributes. Rich also talks about what it takes to develop attributes versus skills.

Being comfortable with uncomfortable situations allows us to grow ourselves. Rich shares with us how this becomes the key to developing attributes. Another concept we touch on is the comparison between peak performance and optimal performance. We talk about the key differences between the two and why we should pursue optimal performance rather than peak performance.

In his book, Rich introduces 25 attributes that drive optimal performance. Throughout the episode, we dive deep into some of these attributes, how they contribute to driving out minds towards success and what we can do to develop these skills. Wrapping up the episode, Rich shares with us the five attributes that define leadership and some advice for becoming better leaders.

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