Create Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom

with Andrew McConnell

About the Episode

To enjoy life, we have to live in the moment. But it’s essential to plan for the things that haven’t happened yet, but you fear may happen.

Our guest today is Andrew McConnell, founder, and CEO at, a team of vacation rental professionals with 50+ years of experience in managing, marketing, and pricing vacation rentals, to talk about his best-selling book ‘Get Out of My Head’. Throughout the episode, we dive into Andrew’s background, stoic wisdom, valuing ourselves, love and hate for what you do, zero-based Calendaring, and more.

Andrew shares that he began as a swimmer, attended law school, became a consultant, started a company in 2012, and became a best-selling author. Now, he lives in Bermuda with his family.

Andrew dives into how we live according to the opinions of others and what we need to do to come out of the box and live life how we see fit. Andrew talks about figuring out what you love to do and what you hate to do. He dives into how to find happiness in what you are doing or your current position in life because it’s not possible to control all the things in life. Sometimes things just aren’t going in the way we want them to be, making us prisoners of the things we cannot control.

Some opportunities in life won’t come back a second time. It may be a long awaited family dinner or a work meeting. At that moment when it’s happening, you have to be real at that moment. Doing one thing and thinking about another is a disservice to both. When that time comes, you need to question yourself, what do I need to do right now? Choose one thing and be true to it.

We usually believe what we know. We create our world from the things we know. Searching for something beyond our comfort zone is vital because sometimes things differ from what we believe. Andrew talks about clarifying what the external source is saying, which is different from what we know, so we can dig into it and find out if there is another truth behind it.

Anything in life could go wrong. We didn’t predict that COVID-19 would be a global pandemic as huge as it was. We didn’t expect our loved ones to die because of it. But it did happen, and we weren’t prepared. It’s essential to think ahead and plan for the worst things that could happen to us so we can prepare how we are going to act when that happens. Andrew dives into the concept of premeditation of future negative events and how it will prepare you to act accordingly to that situation.

Wrapping up the conversation, Andrew shares what he reminds himself a couple of times a week, saying that he doesn’t want money to get in the way of what he wants to do in his life.

Topics Discussed

Stoic wisdom [05.00]
Andrew shares what stoic wisdom is and how he selected it as a framework for his book. 
The game of life [12.04]
It's human nature to measure themselves in others' opinions. Andrew dives into why we must stop living according to others' views. 
Valuing ourselves [16.43]
Andrew dives into the three levels of valuing ourselves; What do you think you are worth? How do you change it to work out, and what are you doing at any given moment? 
Past, present, and future [23.29]
We constantly look into our past or future. But it's dangerous to spend too much time thinking about them. Andrew dives into the value of staying conscious when dealing with your past or future because you may lose your present for it. 
Love and hate [30.01]
Andrew dives into his two-by-two framework, where you have to figure out what you love, what you hate, and what you are great at. 
Calendaring and Budgeting [36.13]
Andrew defines what he meant by Zero-budgeting and calendaring in his book. 
Enjoying time [45.14]
Andrew dives into the importance of focusing on what you want to do in a particular moment and not ruining it by thinking about something else. 
REST [51.57]
Stands for, Recognizing what we can control and don't, Exert control where we have it, Stop spending time in mind where you don't have that control or influence, and Track the progress. 
Kernel of truth [58.55]
Andrew dives into the importance of finding other facts about your beliefs. It will make you see what we know isn't always the right thing. 
Locus of control [01.07.32]
Locus of control has two sides. External and internal. Andrew dives into how we can control our actions according to these. 
Future negative events [01.15.54]
Andrew shares his opinion on premeditation on future negative events and their importance. 

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