Charting the Internet’s Next Economic and Cultural Frontier

with Alex Tapscott

About the Episode

This week’s episode of the Growth Guide podcast features Alex Tapscott. Alex is an entrepreneur, business author, and seasoned capital markets professional. Alex is the co-author of the critically acclaimed non-fiction best-seller ‘Blockchain Revolution’, translated into more than 19 languages. He joined us today to talk about his Wall Street Journal bestseller, ‘Web3: Charting the Internet’s Next Economic and Cultural Frontier.’

We discuss a wide range of topics related to the evolving digital landscape. We dive into the intricacies of Proof of Work in Bitcoin, the carbon footprint of blockchain technology, the power of NFTs in empowering artists, the rise of stablecoins, and the potential of Web 3 and the metaverse.  We also touch on the challenges and opportunities in implementing Web 3 and creating a more inclusive digital economy.

Topics Discussed

The story of the internet [06.00]
Starting the conversation, Alex shares the birth story of the internet and its evolution.
Stablecoins [15.22]
Alex explains how stablecoins help flatten the world.
Non-fungible tokens [18.57]
We discuss how non-fungible tokens can help people bring their values into the global marketplace.
Blockchain [30.26]
Blockchain is a distributed or decentralized ledger of transactions that, instead of existing in one place, exists on any computer that is connected to the network and is available for all to see.
Bitcoin [36.20]
Alex explains what it means to be permissionless and censorship-resistant when it comes to Bitcoin.
Web 3.0 [40.22]
We dive into how the concepts of Web 3.0 turn internet users into internet owners.
Decentralized Finance [49.00]
DeFi is a newly developed financial technology built on safely distributed ledgers, much like bitcoins. Alex explains some of the top ways we can use DeFi.
Threats [01.00.53]
Even the most successful technologies have challenges. We talk about the possible threats to the implementation of Web 3.0 that we've got to be looking out for.
Content creation [01.12.05]
Wrapping up today’s conversation, Alex shares how the Internet helps content creators enter the global marketplace now more than ever.

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