Change the Way You Work, From the Inside Out

with Scott Shute

About the Episode

The majority of us have been ascending the wrong mountain, and at times it appears as though the higher we climb, the less we have. We continue to strive for higher heights and happiness, but there is always a question of whether we are heading on the correct route. If you’ve ever wondered, “How am I supposed to be a good person while still performing well at work?” this episode is for you. Today’s guest on the Pursuit of Learning podcast, Scott Shut, specializes in integrating the reality of modern business leadership with the wisdom of ancient traditions to aid individuals and enterprises in becoming conscious business leaders. He is an author, keynote speaker, executive coach, and educator.

After 25 years in customer-focused leadership and executive roles and three years directing LinkedIn’s Mindfulness and Compassion programs, Scott is now assisting other leaders and organizations in transforming into more compassionate and effective organizations. In addition, he works with executives who want to make a positive difference in the world while thriving their organizations and people, which allows him to apply his whole skill set, expertise, and passions. Since Scott was thirteen years old, he has been studying and practicing mindfulness and has been affiliated with wisdom teachings since he was in college. He examines the notion of human potential in this work, assisting employees in becoming the finest versions of themselves.

During today’s uplifting discussion, Scott demonstrates how our thinking influences our level of pleasure and contentment in life. Also, the last two years have seen “The Great Awakening” in our approach to work. Employees now recognize that their health and relationships are the two most crucial components of their existence. Mentioning that, Scott underlines the critical nature of firms concentrating even more on employee mental health throughout the conversation. Furthermore, he highlights the importance of everyone focusing on strengthening connections and meaningful links among us while we work. Scott shares his perspective on compassion, mindfulness, appreciation, self-awareness, and meditation, among other topics, and by the end of the session, he has created an entirely new perspective on life.

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