Buy Back Your Time

with Dan Martell

About the Episode

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, investor, and author. He is the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy, the world’s No. 1 coaching program for B2B SaaS founders. He coaches over 1000 SaaS founders, including clients like ClickFunnels, Proposify, and Carrot. His goal is to teach people how to build businesses that they don’t grow to hate. 

Dan joined us today to talk about his Wall Street Journal bestseller, ‘Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire.’

Dan shares his transformative journey, from a troubled upbringing with addiction and incarceration, to becoming a successful entrepreneur and mentor.

Dan dives into the importance of time and energy management, starting with a time and energy audit that helps clients identify tasks they enjoy, dislike, or can delegate. He highlights the impact of outsourcing and delegating tasks, even for entrepreneurs on a budget, and shares his own experiences and learnings along the way.

Dan delves into the significance of having an executive assistant and the power of delegation in finding opportunities and growth. He encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the belief that someone else can run their company better and shares insights on leadership skills and building a strong team.

Additionally, Dan explores the concept of buying back time and creating assets for long-term financial growth. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging resources and empowering employees to solve problems, all while reducing the need for excessive meetings.

It’s an episode jam-packed with valuable lessons and strategies to help you take your growth to the next level. Get ready for an episode that will leave you inspired and motivated.

Topics Discussed

Dan's story [7.04]
Starting the conversation, Dan shares his life-changing experience in prison and defines the Get Sh!t Done mentality.
The three levels [14.06]
The employee, the entrepreneur, and the empire builder—are the three levels of becoming a businessman.
Meetings [20.01]
Dan explains why he thinks meetings are the biggest time waste for a company.
Pain line [27.32]
We talk about the fear of handing over your company to another person.
10-80-10 Rule [33.21]
Dan defines the 10-80-10 rule.
Drip matrix [43.28]
Delegation, replacement, investment and production
Outsourcing [48.32]
We talk about the three key components that people have to do in order to be successful at outsourcing that work.
Empowering frontline workers [57.58]
If companies allowed the frontline workers to solve problems the best way they saw fit, they would grow fast.

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