Building a Business that Scales with Your Lifestyle

with Lee LeFever

About the Episode

Instead of planning indefinitely, it is essential to prioritize action. We may fail, but we will learn from it, and the next attempt will be more successful. The fact that things stink should not prevent us from launching. Everything my guest discusses in today’s conversation converges on this point. Today’s episode of the pursuit of learning podcast features Lee LeFever, who shares the incredibly fantastic experience he has gained thus far on his journey.

Born and raised in North Carolina, he has always desired to reside on the west coast. In 1998, he moved to Seattle without a job and stayed there for twenty years. Soon after, he initiated an online community program at the company, which turned out to be his last employment with a third party. He co-founded Common Craft with his wife in 2003, and after an animated video experiment went viral in 2007, he became a pioneer of the “explainer video” genre. Since that time, they have remained a two-person, home-based business. In addition, he is the author of Big Enough, an eye-opening book for aspiring entrepreneurs and career changers. 

Big Enough is about a more rational and healthy approach to business development. Through his book, Lee instructs us on creating a business that supports our most important values. Also, in today’s conversation, he provides his perspective on numerous facets of entrepreneurship, citing the extremely valuable experiences he has gained throughout his journey. Furthermore, Lee discusses the business-building strategies Lee employs. He also emphasizes the importance of passion and going beyond comfort zones in determining the success of our work. In addition, Lee expresses his views on happiness and time by providing several astounding facts. Finally, he concludes the conversation by emphasizing the significance of maintaining a healthy balance in our relationships with our loved ones.

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