Build a Business for a Lifetime Using Direct Response Marketing

with Brian Kurtz

About the Episode

Marketing is essential for all types of businesses, whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer. Brian Kurtz, my guest today, distills the knowledge he’s gathered after nearly four decades in the direct marketing field to develop a business that lasts a lifetime using direct response fundamentals.

For nearly four decades, Brian has adhered to a specific set of direct marketing principles that have enabled him to build an iconic $160 million company. Also, these same principles are currently enabling him to apply everything he has learned and accomplished to the current state in marketing. In addition, he is unwaveringly dedicated to teaching these timeless foundations to the next generation of exceptional direct-response marketers. Brian is the author of the book, Overdeliver. Brian illustrates how to discover our audience and sell successfully in his book without losing sight of the people we are selling to and without sacrificing the respect and attention they deserve.

Brian shares how to track what is effective in marketing to our target demographic and how to diversify our marketing. Brian also defines overdelivering and how to achieve it. Brian shares his perspective on abundance while elaborating on why there is no ceiling when you live abundantly.  Brian imparts his expertise in tracking the metrics that matter, constructing a responsive database (list building), and personalizing the list. In addition, we also explore some of the seven traits of world-class copywriters, multichannel marketing, and much more!

Topics Discussed

Brian's Journey [00:15]
Brian shares his journey so far, mentioning how he was introduced to direct marketing.
Over Delivery [6:49]
When you exceed your prospects', customers', and partners' expectations, you weave integrity, loyalty, and growth throughout your life and business.
Abundance [13:20]
Brian shares his view on abundance and why there is no ceiling when you live abundantly.
Selling [18:27]
What is the timeline? What are the touches? What's the value before you say, "Hey, I'm going to try to sell a product."
Core Principles [39:47]
We explain what a swipe file is, the rationale behind specific copywriting approaches, and original source principles, which Brian believes are essential for any young direct marketer or copywriter who wants to level the field.
41-39-20 Rule [01:02:05]
Brian elaborates on the 41-39-20 rule, and he covers going a mile deep instead of broad, ensuring that our specialization aligns with our superpower by emphasizing the concept of repurposing assets as opposed to constantly trying to develop new ones. 
Great Copywriters [01:25:05]
A successful copywriter possesses seven qualities. Brian shares a few that listeners should focus on.
Three Questions [01:32:07]
What is missing that really ought to be there? Precisely what makes you worthy of attention? And why should someone buy your products? 
Multiple Channels [01:38:40]
Brian outlines the value of having our own domain and being present on numerous platforms.
Compound Interest-Enriched Relationship Capital [01:45:13]
Brian shows how we can contribute to connection, what compound interest-enhanced relationship capital entails, and how the audience can grow this relationship capital.


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