Be Your Own Boss and Make Money Doing What You Love

with Tatiana Tsoir

About the Episode

Turning passion into a business involves much more than ambition, energy, and ingenuity. It would be best to have a clear game plan and a thorough understanding of business basics to give it wings. Today, my guest is a visionary accountant with over 16 years of expertise in helping entrepreneurs and business owners become the boss of their bottom line. Tatiana Tsoir, CPA, keynote speaker, and author, joins today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast to share the wisdom and experience she gained thus far in her path and detail the facts she addressed in her book, “Dream Bold, Start Smart.”

In Dream Bold, Start Smart, Tatiana gives “almost-preneurs” the skills, tools, and confidence to effectively pursue their ambitions of establishing a business. Leveraging this knowledge, Tatiana is devoted to sharing her uncompromising expertise with a bigger audience to encourage those overwhelmed and confused with running a business to feel motivated to take the next step to make money doing what they love. In her book and mini-coaching program, ‘Something That’s Yours,’ Tatiana offers her audience the tools to study and own their figures and be confident in their business decisions.

Throughout today’s conversation, she details various points she makes in her book. For example, Tatiana extensively illustrates why and how numbers play a huge part in precise and profitable decision-making. Also, she offers the learnings she gained throughout the path thus far, highlighting the value of long-term team development. In addition, Tatiana emphasizes the question that aspiring business owners should ask themselves first. Moreover, she gives her perspectives in numerous areas such as price psychology, partnerships, gaining investors, etc. Finally, We close the discussion where Tatiana gives an eye-opening remark.

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