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with Tracy Lamourie

About the Episode

Tracy Lamourie is a high profile international award-winning publicist, author, and the founder of Lamourie Media. Tracy is an inspirational advocate on several worldwide social issues, and she passionately works to help and be a voice for those who are in need. 

Throughout the episode, we talk about her decades-long campaign to release a wrongfully convicted death row inmate, business building, public relations, and more. 

Communicating and connecting with people is an essential part of Tracy’s career as a publicist. We start the conversation by talking about how the pandemic influenced the way she creates connections and new strategies she started using to make her communication more effective. 

One of the most inspiring and courageous stories about Tracy revolves around the campaign she started to fight for the freedom of Jimmy Dennis, a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and robbery and ended up on death row. After being convicted in 1992, Jimmy spent 25 years in prison until he was finally exonerated.  Tracy shares with us how she came across Jimmy’s story, how she and her husband Dave created a website to bring attention to Jimmy’s story, the decades-long legal battle, and what it was like to finally see Jimmy walk free after all he’s been through.

The Skills Tracy picked up along the way while working on the campaign for Jimmy are what enabled her to start a career as a publicist. Tracy talks about how she realized that she needs to transform her career, how her business was started, strategies she used to grow her business without spending on ads, and how you can improve the performance of your business using better public relations strategies. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Tracy Lamourie 

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