A Toolkit for a Better Working Life

with Beth Stallwood

About the Episode

Today, my guest is Beth Stallwood, a speaker, coach, podcast host, consultant, facilitator, and author. She is the director and lead Consultant at Beth Stallwood Transformant Ltd. Beth is on a mission to help people create and cultivate joy in their work and to enable organizations to create the right environment for success. She joined us today to talk about her book, ‘WorkJoy: A Toolkit for a Better Working Life.” 

Throughout the conversation, we dive into the three Es to reduce work gloom: the balance between work and life, values and behaviors, boundaries, mood hoovers, and more.

Beth discusses the importance of relationships and networking for personal and professional growth. Beth shares her insights on the different roles individuals can play in their network and how these roles contribute to overall success.

Most people believe in the balance between work and life. But we are trying hard to find a balance between two entirely different things. What we should consider is how work fits into our lives. We talk about the common mentality of people toward work-life balance and how you should set boundaries if you believe in it.

Overall, this episode of The Growth Guide provides valuable insights on relationships, networking, setting boundaries, and finding joy and satisfaction in one’s work life. Listeners will gain practical advice and tools to enhance their personal and professional growth.

Topics Discussed

The three Es [8.09]
Energy, engagement, and experimentation are the three Es to reduce work gloom and cultivate work joy.
Work-Life balance [21.37]
The balance – The understanding of how work fits into life
The values [28.13]
Beth talks about understanding values, their purpose for creating work joy, and the importance of ensuring behaviors line up with those values.
Bouncy boundaries [44.13]
Situationally specific things that cannot be considered a simple yes or no.
Yes or No [53.00]
We talk about the importance of taking time to say yes or no to something.
The confidence [1.02.20]
Beth shares her idea on the level of confidence leaders might have in things in work life and how to work them out with the employees.
The connection [1.09.25]
We try to stay connected with particular people who bring some magic into our lives when times are hard.
Mood Hoovers [1.09.25]
We talk about the types of people who drain our energy and positivity.

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