A Taste of Opportunity

with Renee Guilbault

About the Episode

My guest today believes that the food industry is a place where anyone can earn their way into a leadership role, regardless of formal education. She emphasizes that the food industry offers many opportunities for growth and learning and that the skills and relationships gained in the food world can be transferred to other career paths and industries.

Renee Guilbault, a veteran food-industry consultant with expertise in large-scale, global, multi-unit food and beverage operations, joins this episode of the pursuit of learning podcast to share her experience and insightful perspectives. Renee is the principal of Essayer Food Consulting and she played a pivotal role in creating and implementing high-volume operational strategies and ground-breaking food programming at Pret A Manger, Bon Appetit Management Company at Google, Compass Group, and Le Pain Quotidien before starting Essayer Food Consulting. She is the author of the book “A Taste of Opportunity,” designed to help anyone seeking a rewarding career in the food industry, whether they are just starting in the workforce or have their sights set on the highest levels of management.

Today, Renee discusses her career progress and the many lessons she has learned along the way. Renee stresses the significance of self-improvement, deliberate action, and emotional awareness. She elaborates on the areas where she believes young leaders have the most potential for improvement during their transition into leadership and the areas where they tend to miss the mark. We also talk about the idea of the resilience muscle, having a Personal Board of Directors, and the process of writing a leadership obituary.

Topics Discussed

Introduction [00:19]
Renee discusses her career in the food industry, sharing several lessons she has learned about advancing in one's profession, networking, and developing a personal board.
Get Your Dream Job [19:19]
You must stand up for yourself, especially in the tough times, and keep going forward by using your goals and dreams as a compass.
Helpful Tips [32:41]
Importance of continuous growth, the concept of intentionality, and emotional intelligence for young listeners
Renee's View [48:59]
Renee discusses the leadership obituary and its process, her definition of resilience, and the value of JFDI as a tool.
Big 5 [01:01:09]
What are the Big 5, and how can we make the most of them?
Key concepts [01:08:02]
Renee provides helpful insight on the concepts of "always hire your replacement and make yourself obsolete," "if not us, then who? and “If not now, then when".

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